Niños Latinos Unidos, Inc. (NLU) is a private non-profit organization that recruits and
trains English, Spanish, Bilingual (English/Spanish) speaking resource parents, and
places foster children and non-minor dependents in their homes while monitoring their
general welfare and attending to their many and varied bio-psychosocial needs, all
under the guidance and supervision of the agency’s multi-disciplinary staff. NLU is also
licensed to provide adoption services and is currently assisting in adopting children in
placement in Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Orange counties.

Our philosophy takes a “village” for a foster child and non-minor dependent on being
successful at meeting the goals in their individualized care plan. We believe that every
individual involved with our foster child and non-minor dependent, no matter how big or
small, can positively impact helping them achieve their goal(s). To achieve this, we
further strive to train our certified family homes, resource family homes, and agency
staff in effective trauma-informed services, culturally relevant services, child abuse
identification prevention and treatment course, and personal rights of foster children
non-minor dependents.

Our Mission is to ensure and maintain, in partnership with County and State
government entities and surrounding communities, that every foster child and non-minor
dependent placed within our agency grows up safe, physically and emotionally healthy,
and lives in a stable home.

Our Vision is to become an agency providing the best quality of care to every foster
child and non-minor dependent within each of our resource family homes. We will strive
to ensure that every foster child and non-minor dependent reach their goal(s) for them
to feel healthy, safe, and accomplished but most importantly so that they gain
permanency and stability.