The Masters of Transformation Leadership Program 122 helped us bring back the life into our facility in Bellflower, CA. Within a two week period organizations such as Beautify Earth helped us bring an incredibly talented muralist to decorate the interior and exterior of the property. Companies like Home Depot and Bear provided us with multitudes of painting and landscaping supplies.

The walls of the interior were stripped of hand railings and repainted. The logo was re-imagined and redesigned for the reception area. An entire wing of rooms once filled to the brim was emptied and repainted to be used for visitation and recreation. Each room had it’s own theme mural and purpose.

The exterior volunteers came together to clean up landscaping hazards, accomplished a ton of weeding and situated the new flowers plants. A new donated playground was installed. The abandoned barbecue area was cleaned and the groom was replaced with a new one.

The once underutilized fountain was revamped with a beautiful mosaic theme and a mini golf course was built from scratch. After the work was complete the leaders organized the grand reopening, invited the foster family community, hosted several government aid organizations and celebrated Niños Latinos Unidos.

We would like to thank the friends and family that donated over one hundred thousand dollars, time, money and materials. Without you none of this would be possible.